These are the rules by which we govern our forums. Please take some time to review them, as you will be held accountable to them during your stay with us at Neotoonami.

1. Posting Guidelines:

    1.1 – Posts must (within reason) adhere to the original topic started by the thread creator. Minor deviations will be allowed, but complete thread hijackings will not be tolerated.

    1.2 – Do not advertise or attempt to sell anything via the forums. This is not the place for that; take it to craigslist or eBay.
    1.3 – As a general guideline, keep it PG-13.
    The occasional use of profanity and double entendre (example: “That’s what she said”) are perfectly fine as long as they aren’t malicious or found to be offensive by other forum members. However, we will not tolerate sexually explicit, outright disgusting, or hateful messages. Breaking this rule will earn you a warning, and if you continue to persist after said warning an account suspension will result.
    1.4 – Threads containing only spam will not be tolerated and will be deleted immediately. If the user persists in creating spam threads, consequences will result. Post spam will also not be tolerated; this can be defined as any off-topic post or posts made to increase your post count without adding to the discussion at hand.
    1.5 – If a moderator, admin, or other staff member requests for you to cease a certain action, you must comply with them or risk a warning or ban.

    1.6 – We’re all for freedom of speech so long as it isn’t disruptive or offensive to other members.

2. Username Guidelines:

      2.1 – Usernames that consist of the following will not be accepted:
      -Sexually explicit vernacular
      -Purposefully lewd
      -Discriminatory or hateful remarks towards any person or group of people (racism or bigotry)
      -Contains profanity
      -Impersonates an admin, staff member, or Toonami cast member.
      If a user violates this rule, he/she will be given the option of choosing a new username. If that user refuses to pick a less offensive name, one will be assigned to them regardless.

    The above rules also apply to your profiles.

3. Hyperlinks and Websites:

      3.1 – Just in case you’re dense:
      – Porn and/or anything that is sexually explicit; anything that can be considered violent or outright malicious (This constitutes both humans, animals and furries)
      – Spam and advertisements
      – Any copyrighted or protected material that you do not have permission to distribute.

4. Account Sharing:

    4.1 – Under no circumstances is a user to share or disclose their account information to another individual. Each user is entirely responsible for all activity on their accounts, and as such any excuses that blame another party for inappropriate behaviour that occurs on their account will be ignored.
    4.2 – Banned users are not to speak to others on the forum through another member; they are to go to either Mister N or moderation team with any issues regarding their ban.
    Administrators and staff members should never ask for your account information. If they do, please report them to another administrator (see the staff roster [link it] for reference).

5. Alternate accounts/circumventing:

    5.1 – The use of alternate accounts to falsify your identity is prohibited under any circumstance. If your account gets hacked or the like, please contact an administrator rather than making a new account.
    5.2 – Using an alternate account to circumvent the rules in any way will earn you an IP ban.

6. Locked Topics:

    6.1 – If a thread you made has been locked, you are not to re-make said thread; doing so will earn you a warning at minimum (you will receive a message that your thread was locked if it has been). If you believe that your thread should not have been locked, please contact Mister N or one of the other moderators.

7. The Chatbox:

All rules that would apply on the site also apply to the chat; slurs, excessive profanity, malicious activity, etc. will not be tolerated and will earn you a warning or a ban. Also, avoid posting large images in the chat.

8. Disputing a Warning or Ban:

    8.1 – Disputing a warning.

    If you have questions or concerns regarding a warning, please contact a moderator; if they do not respond in a reasonable amount of time, please contact an administrator.
    8.2 – Disputing a Ban

    If you have an issue or require clarification as to why you were banned, email Mister N or someone on the administration or moderation teams.
    8.3 – Do not send multiple messages regarding the same ban or warning.