What will they say?

This question has been looming over us for quite some time now. I believe the thought of an end isn’t what scared us the most, but what comes after… the impact, the effects of our actions, the reactions that come with them.

I imagine some will be happy, they’ll think this is for the best as they see NT as only a ripoff of Toonami not knowing our history, purpose, and effort spent.

Some will be unaffected, projects come and go, this is the internet and we are one of many.

Some will be truly wounded, they will feel we betrayed them, gave up just because it got hard…

But what many won’t see is the effect this has on us, the people behind the little robot in the chair that in 2+ years of work for most of us, we have grown to love. As I write this, I sit in conference with them… angry… sad… It’s hard to explain…

I don’t know how many of you will read this, but whoever does I just want you to take something away from this. This project started in a time where there was no Toonami, born and inspired by love of it. Pushed by the dedicated souls behind it and (some might say) playing a part in giving it the awareness needed to revive our inspiration.

It was never made to steal from them and with it we gained a even greater respect for them and what they go through… it was an alternative route to Toonami’s past, and an interesting look into an alternate future…

But above all else… it was a lesson. One that we will never forget.

Thank you to everyone and see you around.


The NT team